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Client Testimonials

Sandra SDear Jeff and Denise, Thank you for helping me with the oppression that I have experienced recently. You helped bring me back to the Word through Christ and I am now working through the Lutheran Church of WELS fellowship. I am feeling much better. I can't thank you enough for coming through when I needed your help and assistance because I did not know where to go. It is hard to understand oppression if you have never experienced it consciously. I have learned that all I had to do is have some faith and work within the Christ self who works through each of us on a daily basis. I am very happy to know this and experience all the love that God has for each of us. Thank you again helping me and helping others too.


From the Hunt of the Downriver  Demons:

Love these people! We are truly blessed to have had them come to our home and rid the numerous demons out. Truly professional, kind and most importantly... Mr. Checker is a Child of Christ whom uses the WORDS to cast the evil out. Can't wait for them to visit again. If you're experiencing unnatural phenomena in your home, please contact them. You won't be disappointed!
From the Hunt of the Bancroft Be' el zebub:
Nathan  S Special thanks to the DHS group for your services rendered at our home. Jeff , his wife Denise and their camera man Chris were so exceptional, they offered such comfort and support in such a gracious manor. They really helped us in our time of need and will truly be blessed by God for performing such great works! Thanks again Demon Hunter Society and we look forward to following along while you help others in need ,in the name of The Lord .
Adam S 
I met Jeff and Denise a few years ago as they were looking to purchase a vehicle, I'm a car salesman and sold them a couple cars.We have been experiencing some very unusual noises and incidents, mostly from my youngest son, such as footsteps running up and down the stairs, objects being tossed across the room and as though someone was getting into our beds. just so happened that my youngest son just had heard the footsteps on the stairs and the very next day Jeff and Denise came in the dealership to purchase a car from me when the had told me what they did and I was like "wow really" that is funny because we were experiencing those things at the house so I asked them if they would come out to the house and at least take a look to see what they thought of our situation. Sure enough they sensed something evil so we proceeded to set up some equipment at a latter date and heard the demons through communication devices. I was appalled as to what was going on at my home, later to find out my Son had been saying some things to them almost like daring them kind of playing around. The team did the Exorcism down the basement and we were upstairs praying and it was then that I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was overwhelmed with relief and was filled with tears. we were all having a sense of peace. We since have had a family meeting and decided to clean all our sins up and made a decision to all get closer to God. We cleaned out all the music that maybe evil as well as the movies that we watch. I watched my sons attitudes and things of interest get better they both listen to Christian music now (that was a big step). I also changed things in my life that was not of God. Took me a few weeks before I could even go down the basement again but through plenty of prayer and dedication to reading scripture we are all stronger Christians now. God allow the demons to have us realize that we can't let our guard down. He also allowed us to see his true power and strength as well as show us how much he love us. Without The Demon society we may have never known what was going on in our lives. I believe God brought them to us. Life is good at the {}home. God is real and so are the demons but the victory is Gods  but we must allow him to work in our lives at all times. Praise be to God and may the Lord continue to bless The Demon {Hunter} society's ministry. (Adam also had severe pain, he indicated, for over 2 years. After our visit, the pain was removed.) Praise God! Thank you for caring and may the living Lord be with us all!

Wendell M: 

The Demon Hunter Society (Jeff and Denise Checker)

I am writing in regards to the recent investigation and removal of entities from our home (The Phoenix Shadow Case). The issues we were having that were affecting Ryan, Aaron and My Wife Michele led to me contacting you because we had no choice left. You came in and investigated our home, used professional equipment and techniques to find the 3 entities in our home. After finding out why they were there, you cleansed our home of this evil (and gave me the strength to tell them to get out). It has been 2 weeks since you were at our home and peace still prevails (no more dreams, being poked during sleep, no shadows or other sightings of the paranormal). My Wife and I are now looking at churches to attend and bring the whole family to Christ, we are coming back to faith in the Lord. Thank the Lord for the work you do, and thank you for getting rid of this evil in our home.

Warmest Regards from your friends

The Mullan Family (Wendell, Michele, Ryan, and Aaron) 



Local celebrity:
Cool to check this page out the owners/organizers  are good people who were kind enough to come help us out the other day. (We helped Brad set up for a venue of his; this wasn't anything to do with the paranormal).
From our Fans:
Vickie  K:  OMG I am so excited to join you both. Awesome video you both ROCK. Thank you LORD for you and Denise and to the family you helped. you will always be in my prayers for your safety. Thanks again Vic
John A
  • I've seen your videos on YouTube. You guys are real warriors of god .and have much the same belief about demons and demons pretending to be ghosts. you have a new fan in me. and thanks for taking the time to message me back about my photo

I wish to congratulate you on the work you are doing. I am a christian who has  been involved in various ministries within my local church in Scotland and have regularly come under demonic attack. I know how very difficult it is to fight these attacks but I also know that I am not alone in this battle. I know I have the help of our one and only saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Carry on the good work the lord has given you. Demons don't have a chance of winning this war. Keep up your good work.

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